Thursday, 12 January 2012

West Yorkshire Police - Community Consultation

West Yorkshire Police on the 4th January 2012 launched  a month-long consultation to establish how the county’s residents prefer to communicate with their local officers. The Force is seeking the views of residents to inform decisions regarding the way people will be able to report incidents and receive information in the future.

There is no mention of it on the local Burmantofts and Richmond Hill Neighbourhood Policing Website and COVEN certainly  have not been told of this consultation period by either our local NPT or any of our local councillors!

As we the residents of Burmantofts and Richmond Hill are not due either a PACT Meeting or Neighbourhood Forum meeting until after the consultation period is over, COVEN wish to bring this vital survey to the attention of local residents.  

The survey can be found here     

Please take the time to complete it as we feel it is important to participate  - even if we weren't told of it in the first place !

COVEN are concerned that the survey seems to indicate the wish to close the local police help desks in an effort to reduce costs. As our local labour councillors are now campaigning in the area saying they are opposed to a reduction in the service that the West Yorkshire Police provide we can only hope they are true to their word.

Remember however that Ron Grahame (labour) was very vocal in his opposition of the closure of Gipton & Stanks Fire Stations and then voted at the fire authority to close them resulting in a significantly reduced service for our area and the loss of 24 full time fire fighter posts.

COVEN will post a report and timeline of Councillor Ron Grahames despicable behaviour this space.....


  1. I have filled out the survey but the answers are steered in a very set way.

    There is no opportunity to answer some of the questions with anything but a yes/no answer when the answer is in no way that simple - my guess is that this is yet another consultation that was sent out after the decisions have already been made. More window dressing but no real input.

  2. Yep I have had a look and I reckon you are right, they have already decided and this is just the usual window dressing!