Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Potential Life Changing Event !

Over the past few months we have been posting information about the closure of our local fire stations at Gipton and Stanks.

And of course the fire service have been issuing propaganda about how home fire checks save lives etc, and how they intend to reduce the risk of our local area from VERY HIGH to HIGH in just one year.

A task frankly we think is unacheivable without some serious massaging of figures, but we know that WYFRS are experts at manipulation as last year the figures they published for GIpton were to say the least INACCURATE !!!! and at the most obscenely MISLEADING!!!!

But every now and then the karma fairy comes along and gives our  campaign a lift, brightens our day and makes us chuckle.


Tuesday evening at 6.38pm a very important 999 call was received by the Fire Service - from the Fire Service to report that their MAIN STORES, a large building (20m x 40m) was on fire at their headquarters in Birkenshaw.

Four units attended from  Cleckheaton, Odsal, Morley and Batley to contain the blaze.

Now correct me if i am wrong - but i would have thought that West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue would surely adhere to the highest standards of store management and safety procedures to ensure that risk of fire is kept to a minimum.


This was a store room, but regardless of home safety checks, smoke alarms and general stuff like unplugging electrics etc ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and as long as nobody was hurt a store really isnt that important.

BUT accidents occur at home too, and a house fire is a serious and sometimes life changing event

- you can go from ALIVE  to DEAD  really quickly!!!!!