Sunday, 1 January 2012

We are stating the New Year on a positive note

Those of you who live near or travel along the parade of shops at York Road towards the bus stops bound for town will have noticed there has been a really remarkable turnaround in the standards of street cleaning in this area recently.

COVEN spoke to the gentleman in charge of the street cleaning service at the last Inner East Area Committee meeting in December and pointed out the disgusting state of the pavements in this area particularly and asked for him, Mr John Woolmer, to look into the situation and see what could be done.  We are happy to say that Mr Woolmer and his staff have made herculean efforts recently and as a result the area is now no longer the smelly and shameful site it was.

COVEN has also asked about having rubbish bins placed near the take aways and off-licences on the parade and this is being looked into but as always finance is the sticking point on this, though we have great faith in Mr Woolmer doing all that can be done to procure these items to help the clean up stay clean.

The street cleaning staff are working very hard to keep the area clear of rubbish but it would help if those who live here did their own part and made sure that all rubbish is placed in bins (if and when we managed to get them installed) and not left to blow about the streets.

Another really disgusting problem in this area is the amount of dog mess on every available pavement, road, green space or playground.  This has been raised several times with our councillors, Street Cleaning and the dog wardens however the main problem again seems to be that there are not enough dog wardens to effectively police the whole city and there is no money to hire more but we intend to keep after everyone involved to see if this problem can at least be lessened if not eliminated.

If you have any problem or query that you would like COVEN to look into please email us at and we will be happy to talk to you about it.


  1. It is fair enough to talk about York Road, but litter and dog fowling is a problem for the whole area!

  2. I love this post!!!!!!!!
    It annoys me so much all the crap that is around. The shops should be made responsible for cleaning outside their shops, they do in America otherwise they get fined. I hate the cars parking in the paved area too.
    the dog fowling..well I saw a woman let her dog poo in my garden then she just went on her merry way..who had to clean it up? moi of course!
    What happened to the dog poo patrol?
    I didn't know about the Gipton firestation, that is so bad.

    getting fedup to made like a reject. East End Park used to be fab and everyone wanted to live it is everyone out!
    bring back decency and respect and get rid of dingbats.

  3. Here, Here, Anonymous Jan 12, 2012 0.6.52pm

    The area has been sliding into decline for years and only a very few seem to care at all.

    It seems if you want to get any attention or resources into your area you need a major incident, then you can't move for people wanting to get their pictures on TV or in the papers giving funds and making speeches but the low level anti social behaviour and run of the mill criminality which we have to put up with and which is blighting our lives and our childrens future is just not newsworthy enough to get anyone interested in helping us improve the quality of our lives.

    They are closing the fire station at Gipton and the post office sorting office at Torre Road and they have already closed the library, we don't have a police station anywhere in the ward or they would have closed that. We are not being managed into decline we are being completely abandoned to our fate!