Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Don't miss this great community event!

East End Park is playing host to the LARK IN THE PARK event on Saturday 23 July 2011 between 12noon and 3pm.

There will be all kinds of children friendly fun and games to be had.

Mini Breeze                            Drum Workshop                  Bouncy Castle
Face paint                               Raffles                                 Play Bus
Circus Workshop                    Games                                Picnic
Stalls                                       Police Horse                       Fire Brigade

And so much more!

Refreshments are on offer as well as entertainment from East Leeds FM and even a visit from Ronnie the Rhino!

Come along, bring your friends and family have a great time in this beautiful Victorian park with your friends and neighbours - we look forward to seeing you all!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The NPT PACT meeting 11 July 2011

Picture from NPT website
 Last night's PACT meeting at the Richmond Hill Community Centre was somewhat shorter than usual as the first half of the meeting was entirely taken  up with the Incinerator project due to the unexpected appearance at the meeting of Andrew Lingham from the Waste Management team.

However when the police meeting proper did get underway the subject of the Travellers who have arrived once again at Cross Green came up.  Insp Jackie Hawkes informed the meeting that the travellers have hired an excellent lawyer who has challenged the possible eviction notices by using the Leeds City Council Scrutiny Board Document which drew attention to the lack of provision of Traveller and Gypsy sites around the city.  Cllr Ralph Pryke (Lib Dem) drew attention to the fact that Cllr Ron Grahame (Labour) sits on that committee but omitted to mention that Conservatives and Lib Dems also sit on the committee too.

This is a recurring problem in this area and indeed across the city, it was when the council was Lib Dem/Conservative and it is now that its Labour so if anyone has any magic solutions for solving this difficult problem we, the residents, would be really pleased if they would share them with us now as both the residents and the travellers are very unhappy with the present situation.

Insp Hawkes issued a warning to the residents about sneak thieves breaking into homes through unlocked doors and also said that in this warm weather it was particularly important to lock doors and windows as it only takes a moment's inattention and you could have a thief in your home.

She gave a general run down on crime in the area and the actions that she and her officers and PCSO's are taking to counteract that.  She also appealed for people to report every incident of crime or anti social behaviour to the police and/or the Anti Social Behaviour Unit because it gives a better and more accurate picture of crime in the area and would help to keep the resources we have at present here where we need them.

One resident raised the problem of a neighbour given to loud parties and was given advice on how to proceed as is was not actually a police matter.

The meeting broke up a little later than planned but it was a good meeting and helped to maintain the good relations between residents and the police.

The next PACT meeting is to be at 7.00pm  Monday 15 September 2011 at the Richmond Hill Community Centre.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

All Saints Summer Fair

Come along and enjoy the fun at the All Saints Summer Fair on the 16 July between 12-3pm and sample some of the fun on offer, meet your friends and neighbours and have a great time with the kids!