Friday, 17 December 2010

Merry Christmas from the Streetscene Services!!

I was relieved last Thursday because finally both my black and green bins got empty- these days it's a bit like a lottery thing: you never know when you ll get it, and yet you keep your hopes up!! It keeps us on our toes..

Nevertheless, there's no change in the overall image of our neighbourhood. And that's because the neighbouring streets still have their bins uncollected, and rubbish is been left on the streets for weeks at a time. The official advise from Leeds City Council does not help either: they are advising to leave the bins on the curbside for 48 hours following a missed collection, and as a result people now leave their bins out permanently!

As a result, we often see the bins burned, like this one that can be seen today on Glensdale Terrace.

But that's not all. Rubbish has taken over our lives, it lurks on every corner, as we can see this morning on East Park View:

And as the time goes by rubbish gets built in the tarmac:

And to add to this, the company putting the streetlights up don't care too much about leaving their own rubbish- I saw two of these bags full of sand on my way home today.

What exactly is our Council Tax paying for? For months now we are not getting half the collections we should be getting. Is there any way we can get a refund? Or at least some litter pickers in East End Park...