Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More comments from the councillors on the possible closure of Richmond Hill Library

Cllr Richard Brett and Cllr Ralph Pryke had supplied this reply in response to our request for their position on this very important local matter.

Libraries are very important to many people in our community. All Saints C/E Primary school pupils use Richmond Hill Library after school and they have sent me a petition which I have passed on to councillor Adam Ogilvie who is the Labour Councillor responsible for the final decision on which Libraries stay open. It will be very sad if we can’t keep Richmond Hill Library open.

It would be used more if it was situated in a better place. There are no homes near it in its current position. Cllr Pryke and I have therefore asked senior Library staff to explore moving Library computers to Richmond Hill community Centre where a new extension would allow them to be kept secure. We think that RHEA and the youth service would use them as well as school children after school hours. Library staff have promised to look at this suggestion carefully.”

Cllr Richard Brett Lib Dem

We have the first reply from one of our councillors on the closure of the library in Richmond Hill

"Dear Sue the issue you raise can be resolved if sombody listens to me and that is to have the new library built on the richmond hill primary school attatched to the schools library with safeguards built in when the community use it.

Cllr Ron Grahame
Burmantofts & Richmond Hill Ward
Labour Group"

We thank Cllr Grahame for his comments and look forward to hearing from our other two councillors soon. We will post their comments on the Blog as soon as they arrive.


  1. Councillor Brett the library would do better if it was open more often regardless of its position and at times more accessible to those in the area who are at work or college.

    Central Library is open 59 hours a week
    Compton Road is open 60 hours a week
    Richmond Hill is open 17 hours a week

  2. in a neighbourhood stripped of many of its assets, the library remains one of the few services left for our community. The question should be how can it be more accessible to local people not less?

    Andrew Grinnell
    Community Activist

  3. Isnt the East Leeds Rugby club having some computers fitted for use by the community?

    I agree the library should remain open and that as a community resource it isn't just a pile of books but a community hub that needs to be built on not removed.
    Books are important and need to be borrowed and read - so whena re we starting the COVEN book club then?

    Sarah Covell

  4. That is an excellent idea, anyone got a space we could use?

  5. First book has to be that one by Bernard Hare

  6. Haha!! Yes, we should invite him over!!