Monday, 21 February 2011

Bus Services withdrawn from Cross Green and East End Park

As you can see this area is once again to lose what little it has.

People do not use these bus services because they are not reliable enough, you can only be late for work or an appointment so many times before it begins to sound hollow - so anyone who can has already made other arrangements, for those still using these services its because they have no other choice.

Changes to bus services 8, 62, 63 in East Leeds from 1 May 2011

Metro and Centrebus plan to change these services in May 2011 in a way which is aimed at addressing concerns raised by passengers and local members and make more efficient use of resources.

The bus services affected currently operate as follows :

  • 8 Seacroft – Horsforth the ”Ring Road” service
  • 62 Leeds – Saxton Gardens – Lavender Walk – Cross Green Industrial Estate
  • 63 St James’ Hospital – Leeds – Cross Green Lane – Ivy Street – Rookwood Road – Halton Moor – Temple Gate – Hollyshaw Lane – Crossgates – Scholes - Seacroft

At present service 63 is very poorly used, it is part funded by Metro but mostly operates on a commercial basis. The service does not offer value for money and would ordinarily be withdrawn. However efforts have been made to retain the stronger parts of the route.

The changes therefore involve the withdrawal of services from some roads where usage is low or where alternative services are within walking distance – these are detailed overleaf.

The proposed changes will offer the following benefits :

  • provide new direct links to Cross Green Industrial Estate from west Leeds
  • give Torre Road a direct service to/from Leeds city centre
  • reintroduce a service via Kingswear Estate to/from Crossgates and Leeds.
  • Restore links on the Ring Road service 8 beyond Horsforth to Pudsey via Farsley.

Services will be revised to operate as follows :

8 Seacroft – Horsforth

All journeys will be extended beyond Horsforth to Pudsey Bus Station via Broadway, Horsforth New Road, Bagley Lane, Farsley Town Street, Old Road, Bradford Road, Richardshaw Lane, Lidgett Hill and Church Street. Frequency remains hourly Mon-Sat.

60 Leeds – Torre Road – Temple Gate – Crossgates – Kingswear Crescent

This new service will operate via Torre Road in both directions with some journeys being extended beyond Crossgates to Kingswear Crescent and Austhorpe Lane, reinstating links lost during 2010. The service is a partial replacement for service 63. The service will operate during the off peak on Mon-Fri between 1000 and 1430.

62 Greengates – Pudsey – Old Farnley – Armley – Leeds – Saxton Gardens – Lavender Walk -Cross Green Industrial Estate

62A Pudsey – Old Farnley – Armley – Leeds – Saxton Gardens – Lavender Walk – Cross Green Industrial Estate

Each service will operate hourly during Mon-Sat daytime, offering a half-hourly frequency between Cross Green, Leeds City Centre, Armley, Leysholme and Pudsey. An hourly service will continue to operate in the evenings and on Sunday between Leeds and Cross Green.

63 Crossgates – Scholes - Seacroft

The Mon-Sat daytime service will be revised to operate hourly between Crossgates and Seacroft via Scholes. Evening and Sunday services 63A,63B between Leeds and Seacroft will continue unchanged.

Summary of effects by ward


Loss of service on Cross Green Lane, East Park Parade, Ivy Street, Ivy Avenue, Rookwood Avenue, Rookwood Road.

Loss of current hourly direct links to/from St James Hospital (via City Centre) from Osmondthorpe Lane area, Halton Moor, Temple Gate, Cross Gates and Scholes.

Improved service on Torre Road – bus services will operate in both directions Monday to Friday


Link to Cross Gates retained however direct links to St James’ Hospital, Cross Green and Halton Moor withdrawn


Reinstatement of Mon-Fri off-peak service between Leeds, Crossgates and Kingswear Crescent


Loss of daytime through service to New Temple Gate, Halton Moor and Cross Green from Seacroft.


Loss of daytime through service between Scholes and New Temple Gate, Halton Moor, Cross Green and St James’ Hospital.

Please contact your councillors and let them know that this is not acceptable. Once again East Leeds is left without adequate transport links to the city centre, hospitals or other area of the city. To say that everyone can walk to another bus stop is simply not true, if you are unwell, elderly or have young children it will be difficult to walk to and from a suitable bus stop. The people of this area deserve better and it is time now stand up and say enough!


  1. You must be joking - half the time the buses dont turn up, are minus a driver and the ticket machines dont flipping work - of course the buses - the 63 inparticular dont have enough passengers - half the time the ride is free because the ticket machine has conked.

  2. The problem is for the ones who use the 63 service there really is no alternative and when this is taken away they will be stranded.

    Why is it that the people of Cross Green and East End Park are so easily brushed aside. They have little or no provision of any kind in this area and now what little they have is to be taken away.

    Losing this service will be particularly hard on the elderly but then what else is new.

  3. They need to run a service down gipton approach on a sunday because there is a lot of elderly people who cant come out because they cant walk far

  4. It is time that transport services in Leeds were properly integrated and run for the benefit of the people of Leeds and not soley for the profit of companies like First who show no interest in running any but only the most profitable parts of any service which leaves the rest of us stranded.

    A city with a commercial and business centre as small as Leeds needs to get people out of their cars and onto public transport but how can you do that when public transport is dirty, overpriced and doesn't go to the places people need to go?

  5. this was crazy.thank you........for old hospital equipment at

  6. Your services will be changing again in July, contact Metro for full info and to comment. Basically 61 will be hourly, 63A/B withdrawn and replaced by an 11A, 60 withdrawn and replaced by a new half hourly 63 as far as East End Park/Ivy Street only, not extending to Cross Gates.