Thursday, 7 October 2010


As accusations fly between our local councillors over the suspension of the long overdue £250,000 refurbishment of Richmond Hill Community Centre COVEN understands that the decision not to go ahead with the project as originally planned was based solely on the fact that the source of the finance, a central fund, is now under review, as is all council funding. We also understand that the plans are on hold pending a full review of the money available when this process is finished, and after taking into account the effects of any further cuts in funding arising from the Government's spending review due on 20 October 2010, after that the fate of the building's future will be decided.

The assertion, apparently made by Cllr Pryke (Lib Dem) that the whole plan had been scuppered deliberately by the Labour Party, now the largest single party on Leeds City Council, and the ward councillor Ron Grahame is vehemently denied.

However, with our library facilities once again under threat of closure (the previous plan had been to relocate the library and to the Community Centre) we feel strongly that Richmond Hill cannot afford to lose this community resource, used by so many different local groups. Transport links with other more fortunate areas of the city are poor and extremely expensive.

COVEN will be watching closely to see how this matter progresses and will keep you informed.


  1. £30K on the park paths ,god knows how much on the MUGA in the park and the play ground at Raincliffe Rec (which everybody including the police said was a bad idea and has already been vandalised after less than 6 weeks)

    The liberal have no right to talk about wasting money, if they were that bothered they wouldn't have let the Richmond Hill Community Centre get into such a state in the first place.

  2. Waiting for the axe to fall on the 20 October 2010 is really nerve racking.

    I want to know why, if we are all in it together, the ones at or near the bottom are drowning and the ones at the top barely have their feet damp?

  3. There are two demostrations planned for leeds against the cuts.

    20th Oct 5pm in Victoria GArdens and 23 October at 11am in Victoria Gardens

    Time for some community action (of the negative sort Rachel Unsworth despises but heyho)

  4. Well Dr Unsworth is perhaps hoping that nice letters about the positive effects of incinerators in East Leeds and rubbishing local residents group's worries about these projects on their quality of life caused by their 'negative perceptions' will stave off the axe for her and her like-minded colleagues but I am not so sure that will work.

  5. If a green and white balloon lands in your garden after the launch of them after the funeral of Jimi Heselden then "hey presto" you are in the area that the plume from the incinerators. The balloons were a one off and visible, the plume will be invisible and last for at least 25 years.