Sunday, 10 October 2010

NO2Incinerator decides on Biffa Bid

Members of the committee of the No2incinerator campaign, after meeting with the Biffa Project Manager, Mike Hardy, and his team have decided that they cannot give any kind of backing to the project to build a 380,000 tonnes commercial incinerator at the old Power Station A site at Skelton Grange.

The members of the committee who attended the meeting at the Biffa offices were impressed by the stacks of papers and folders Biffa had amassed to inform them on most aspects of the plans, though they were not allowed see them properly or to take these documents away with them for study.

There is no doubt that Biffa are experts in fighting local residents groups, having done so across the country in many kinds of planning applications and have huge financial resources backing them. They are presently fighting group of residents called Burning Issue Group in Ware, Herts. over their attempts to place two incinerators in the local area, so they have a very experienced and well oiled publicity machine primed and ready to roll right over the top of groups of concerned local residents.

As has been mentioned before that NO2Incinerator is a local group of residents without any funding (excluding the £57 in the coffee jar donated at the last public meeting) who are definitely fighting a David and Goliath battle to stop this and another incinerator in their area - on their doorsteps!

It might be tempting for some people to say "well if it is not here and we don't have to pay then alright" and this is no doubt what Biffa is counting on but this is wrong. The problem has to be faced and tackled for the benefit of the people of Leeds as a whole but pushing out of your area and onto someone else's doorstep will not solve the problem.

The Planning Application goes in in the next week or so and we will keep you up to date on this extremely one sided fight for East Leeds.

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  1. I do not believe that incineration is a solution to the waste problem.

    It is backward looking technology for a forward looking situation.