Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Leeds.gov.uk ----- what a mess

Leeds our amazing and innovative city has revamped its website - rumours abound of exactly how much it cost between £1.5 and £3 MILION pounds, so we will be reasonable here at COVEN HQ and settle for 2 million.

In these times of austerity is this a waste of public money - well maybe if it worked it wouldn't be too bad but from a quick play with it today, its a bit of disaster.

Punch your postcode in and presto you get a list of all the facilities  in your area, libraries, recycling facilites and leisure centres for example.

Where i live (and whats been axed)  

But be prepared to be a little upset - if you live in Richmond Hill this new all singing, all dancing website kindly informs you that there is a library on Pontefract lane (CLOSED BY LABOUR )

and one at Osmondthorpe  (CLOSED BY LABOUR ),

a leisure centre at Richmond Hill (Closed and leased to the Table Tennis Association by the liberal and conservatives )

and East Leeds Leisure Centre  (CLOSED BY LABOUR )

and that your local recycling centre is at Stanley Road - which strangely enough they are considering closing!!!!!

So was this worth the money - we don't think so. A website is only as good as the information that you can find in it, and this quite obviously has not be thought through properly.

Or it could just be that in Richmond Hill we have lost more services than other areas.......................... discuss!

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