Monday, 11 June 2012

COVEN Secret shopper claims its first victims

Our most recent post asking for help about a HMO property was emailed on the 1st June 2012 at  13:52 to the following people. 

Hilary Benn MP

George Mudie MP

Cllr Ron Grahame

Cllr Asghar Khan 

Cllr Maureen Ingham 

As of 11:15am on Monday 11th June not one of them has responded.


  1. I appreciate non of them are in my fan club but you would have thought an acknowledgement wouldn't have gone amiss.

  2. it is there public duty to respond , if they fail then report them for maladministration .

  3. Well we sent the second lot of secret shoppers out last week - as yet no reply to them either.

  4. Cllr Ingham reckons she Didnt get our email,but it didnt bounce. We will send it again and see what happens.

    Strange though, she again didnt speak in the meeting.

  5. Remarkable Cllr Ingham seems to have found the email she was adamant we didnt send.

    No reply to us though - not a Gosh what a disgrace or Leave it with me or Is the tenant ok - not a sausage.

  6. Anonymous (above) is talking nonsense - there is no duty on elected officials to respond. As for George Mudie, as I'e pointed out elsewhere it isn't in his constituency and so not only is it not his responsibility to respond, he would be breaking the normal protocols taking on casework from the constituency of another MP.

    If I was your councillor (I'm not a councillor at all, for the record) I wouldn't take any notice of you either.