Wednesday, 9 May 2012

COVEN Cup Cake Book Club 1ST BIRTHDAY!

It does not seem possible but last night was the party for the 1st birthday of the COVEN Cup Cake Book Club which was started when our local library was closed.

A group of like minded people interested in Books, Baking and good company found a very sympathetic home at the Spring Close Tavern where the community minded landlords welcomed us with open arms and even installed a bookcase so people could either donate books or pick up a book to read and enjoy.

One of our number, Dawn, a particularly talented baker and cake decorator, made this wonderful cake to mark the occasion and yes it did taste as good as it looked.

As you can see the members really enjoyed the evening and welcome all with an interest in books, baking or just meeting friends and neighbours for a pleasant evening out in a warm and welcoming setting.  Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday in every month.

The SPRING CLOSE TAVERN has been nominated for a community award and no wonder the charity fund raising done by the staff and customers of the pub is phenomenal and the generous help offered to local community groups is wonderful.

The Spring Close is holding a JUBILEE EVENT on Tuesday 5 June 2012 which will start at 3.00pm with a children's party and after 7.00pm an adults only event.  Again more baking and socialising - GREAT DAY in prospect!


  1. It just shows what you can do with a group of like minded people. The Council closed our library (not because it wasnt well used but because they wanted the library out) as it was the only permanent tenant in the sports hall and was preventing its sale to Rushbond for the All Saints Development.

  2. Well this community has fought back if only in a small way

  3. I think it’s great that the community has united together at the Spring Close Tavern. Mike has always provided service with a smile.

    You can go around closing our libraries and building much detested incinerators, but you cannot stamp on our community spirit