Monday, 6 February 2012

The Hampton Hotel

Although I haven’t lived in East Leeds long enough to remember the many pubs there used to be, I do remember the Hampton Hotel closing down. It is situated on Long Close Lane by the Community Centre.
Its owner Mr Naseem Aslam of Care Property Services wishes to convert it into 3 cluster flats with 13 bedrooms!!!!!
Since 2008 when Mr Aslam applied for change of use and conversion to 7 one bed flats and 2 bedsits which was approved by officer delegated approval, he has done nothing to the property but allowed it to go into serious dereliction and decline.
In 2009 he applied and was refused permission to demolish and replace it with a 3 storey new build with 11 flats.
Now in 2012 he wishes to convert it in to 3 cluster flats with 13 bedrooms and only THREE CAR PARKING SPACES.
We can only assume that this is due to the changes in housing benefit rules which state that under 35s must lodge in rooms rather than have houses or flats of their own.
COVEN know a great deal about Mr Aslam, in 2008 he “managed” a property in the East Parks, that was an unregulated conversion to flats and was used by Leeds City Council for homelessness provision,  on COVENs discovery of the conditions inside all tenants were removed. 
Although we appreciate that single people need accommodation we urge residents to strongly oppose this proposed development by logging objections on the planning portal quoting the reference number below as we believe this will set a precedent for single housing provision when in reality to allow our area to thrive we need families and children that supply long term stability to an area.
11/05114/FU   Change of use of former public house to 3 cluster flats with 13 bedrooms | Former Hampton Hotel Long Close Lane Richmond Hill Leeds LS9 8NP

Or if you prefer to show your concern by commenting below and we will ensure that Leeds City Council receive all reasonable comments placed. 


  1. It is about time that the Council stops awarding planning permission to developers who cannot prove that they have taken good care of buidings they own. This is not the only case in our area of buildings bought by a developer only to be left to rot. This practice has a detrimental effect in our neighbourhoods and needs to be stopped!

  2. I agree - and to give him credit Chris Sanderson got in touch by 10am this morning to discuss it. have you noticed the old chapel house at the bottom of lavender walk has had its shutters taken off. We need to check that one out as well. No word from any of "the boys" though. Ron and Asghar dont even bother replying these days.

  3. If we, the residents, don't stand up and fight for our area no one else will. We have been abandonded by our councillors and our council over a period of years now.

    As has been said we need sustainable family housing. People who intend to move into our area and make a life for themselves and root themselves and their families and their future here in the community not short term lets of unattached people passing through on their way to somewhere else.

    There is a lot of talk about the value of caring communities and how they can make a real difference in people's lives but how can you form a caring community with people staying only a few short months who have so many individual problems that keeping themselves afloat takes all their energy and resourses.

    The residents living here have to stand up for themselves and start fighting back this is our community and our children's future don't just moan about the obvious inbalance in resources and infrastructure our area is suffering get out their and fight remember they ignore us because they can!

  4. I think that the last comment is a little unfair on the local Councillors. Local Councillors - most notably Richard Brett - have supported the campaign against the growth of multiple occupancy in the area. We must seek the support of our local Councillors in this - whatever reservations we might have about some of their actions, they have influence - and we need them 'on side'.

    I remember the pubs that used to exist in this area - including The Hampton, and used to drink in them all. Back in the 1970's and 1980's The Hampton was a thriving heart of the Richmond Hill community. It is sad that we have lost it - but I don't think we can do much about that. However, we must oppose its conversion to flats - there has already been a very unhealthy shift away from family housing in Richmond Hill (as well as East End Park and Cross Green).

    When objecting, we need to remember that Plans Committee is quasi-judicial and that the Councillors on it have to be seen to be objective. It's not like other committees where Councillors can vote according to their own views or party line. It's therefore very important that our objections are on sound planning grounds that give the committee the reasons they need to turn the application down. It seems to me that we do have such grounds. Richmond Hill was once a community with adequate family accommodation - but is now becoming dominated by non-family and elderly accommodation. Of course, other types of accommodation are needed - particularly for the elderly, but the balance is becoming all wrong - especially when the developments on the fringe of Cross Green are taken into account - along Easy Road and Ellerby Lane/Cross Green Lane.

    Can anyone think of any other sound planning grounds we could use? The loss of a community facility did occur to me, but that might be a long shot as the Hampton has been closed for so long.

    1. I am sorry that I did not make clear my appreciation of the hard work that both Cllr Richard Brett and Cllr Ralph Pryke have done on the overcrowding and unsanctioned converstions in the area and I, personally, am greatful for their committment in this matter

    2. That's fine! Let's see if they are still committed on the cause! I've not seen their objections on the planning portal just yet...

  5. I do agree with the comment above. And, we DO support our councillors, as we have done in the past and will continue doing so, when they work hard for our community.

    This application can be opposed on planning grounds. It is sloppy, full of mistakes ( the agent in the initian paper is down as a DAME(!!)), and it shows that the applicant either doesn't know or intentionally misreads the area and its characteristics:

    It mentions that the area has "excellent transport links", when we all know that the busses run every 30 minutes. It also claims that :

    "6.6 “The application site is within a highly sustainable location given its proximity to employment,
    leisure and local amenities”.( That really sounds like a bad joke..)

    It claims that the plans will prove to be an improvement in terms of traffic(!!), because allegedly while operating as a pub the establishment was creating more traffic, which is rubbish, there was never more than 1 car parked near the Hampton all those years that I remember.

    The proposed dormer windows will be overlooking a children's centre, a children's playground and an old people's home, which I believe to be unacceptable in terms of protecting children and vulnerable adults.

    And, finally and most importantly, it claims that the development will have no impact on local services!!

    This couldn't be farther from the truth: we are talking about creating more transcient tenancies more likely of vulnerable single adults. Who will look after THEM? What if the sort of cohabitation proposed creates internal friction? What if the bedsits are used by more than one persons, by couples or even families with children? What if they all have cars, big dogs, or face personal or social issues?

    None of this is mentioned in the application, and in all fairness, the sort of the development proposed sounds completely unsustainable without proper supervision and accountability.

  6. At least Clr Pryke is taking a proactive interest - the other two havent even replied to the emails they have been sent. It makes me so cross..............

  7. So... In order to object I need a valid reason "on sound planning grounds" ?

    I live within 15 metres of The Hampton, and quite simply do not want 13 additional people with the associated increase in traffic, noise,and in my opinion likely problems on my doorstep.

    If this is a valid reason I will happily put my coomment against the application 11/05114/FU.

    1. Well, if you feel strongly about the issue, comment anyway! The only sure thing is that , if we do nothing, we more or less deserve what we get..


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