Friday, 4 November 2011

Cup cake book club presents: the new community bookcase!!

Since our local library was closed by the Council, the Cup Cake Book Club was formed.

We started meeting at our local pub, the Spring Close Tavern, where we received a warm welcome. So much so, that not only are we provided with coffee and tea, and special cup cake napkins, but the landlord has decided to build a bookcase to house our books.

People can now go to the pub and read a book ( there is a growing children's section as well), or take a book home and leave a small donation to charity.

The bookcase proved so successful, that the collection box made £35 within a few weeks,and last Tuesday, we had the grand opening.

Local councillors were present, as well as councillor Ogilvie, who is responsible for the libraries in the Leeds City Council, and staff from the mobile library service to speak about their job and listen to people's suggestions and feedback.

It was a great night:

Councillor Ogilvie cut the ribbon to the bookcase,

The cakes were especially made for the occasion, reflecting both Halloween night and the loss of our local library.

We all enjoyed the conversation,

and the warmth of the fireplace.

We enjoyed a drink and learned a lot about other book clubs in the city.

Many thanks to the landlord, Mike, for his warm hospitality!!

Mike with councillor Ogilvie.


  1. Be very afraid!!!!

  2. Oohh! I m shivering!!

  3. Well I don't know about the cupcakes but I have to say that the Book Club is interesting and great fun it has also shown the wealth of untapped talent and experience there is in the local area. Already it has spawned a local history group and an arts and craft evening for those interested in learning new skills at the same time as meeting friends and neighbours and having a pleasant evening in pleasant surroundings it also shows what this community can do from within to start to turn this area around

  4. I am addicted to cupcakes and am rapidly becoming addicted to reading. Borrowing books from the bookshelf is a great idea and reading them by the fire with a pint is even better. Its a shame the library closed but the bookclub more than makes up for it

  5. IT GETS BETTER - the genealogy group that meets had an excellent meeting with food provided by Mike - sarnies (note with proper ham), sausage rolls, potato wedges and chicken wings. All with this scrummy sauce that Mike actually makes himself.
    Sarah C -

  6. After recent events I hope we don't ever give any of our current Councillors this kind of free publicity or hospitality again.