Friday, 17 June 2011

More fly tipping at the Old York Road Library 15 June 2011

Once again the Old York Road Library is the scene of fly tipping.  This time a domestic fridge, broken vacuum cleaners and household rubbish are amongst the things that have been abandoned there.  The site is just behind the All Saints Primary School and the rubbish, especially the fridge, presents a serious danger to any adventurous children who might be tempted to play there.  This matter has already been reported to the relevant council department.

The old library building itself has still not been made secure as the vandal-proof door has been vandalised yet AGAIN and the temporary roof which the landlord was ordered to put on the building (he chose plastic) is already torn and coming lose exposing some of the rafters to the weather.  

The fitting and repairing of the drain pipes to the building, as ordered in the Schedule 1 issued by the council, was not done at all and what water the damaged roof does manage to catch simply runs down the walls of the building, either internally or externally.  These matters have also been reported to the council officers.   COVEN and the Civic Trust are continuing to monitor the state of the building.

While this building is in its present state it will continue to attract many forms of illegal and anti-social behaviour, some of which will have to be paid for by the landlord but some of which have to be put right by the council (such as the constant fly tipping and recent theft of the drain covers).  

This building needs to be properly secured and then it needs to be found a use which would mean that as an occupied building it would offer less chance of further vandalism.  As things stand at the moment the council and therefore us the Council Tax payers will have to continue to fork out for the costs of repeated clean ups around the area of the building until a proper solution is found. 

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