Monday, 7 February 2011

The Closure of Richmond Hill Library

As part of our attempts to encourage local democracy and open debate we have asked our three councillors for the Richmond Hill Ward, Cllr Richard Brett, Cllr Ron Grahame and Cllr Ralph Pryke for their personal views on the Richmond Hill library and its future. We will publish their replies here as soon as they arrive.

The article in the Guardian/Leeds today makes interesting reading and shows that visits to our library have actually gone up from 5 years ago, which when you consider its location, how little it is open and at what inconvenient times, is a remarkable testament to the need for a functioning and available library in our area.

We would also welcome your comments on this subject too. How important do you think a library is to our community? How do you feel about the lack of facilities in this area generally?


  1. I think libraries are very important everywhere but in desperately poor areas like ours they are absolutely essential to give the people living there, especially the children, any chance at fair opportunities in life.

  2. I have never beento Richmond Hill Library - because its open hours are so dire i am not able to get there during working hours. But a local library is essential fo ra deprived area - the council spent milions on the compton centre and what does Richmond Hill get - nothing! Less than nothing probably if they close it.