Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bonfire Night East End Park 2010

The traditional Bonfire and Fireworks Display held at East End Park on Friday 5 November 2010 was a great success. Local Labour Cllr Ron Grahame lit the bonfire and despite the very wet weather earlier in the week Friday evening was cold but dry.

Once again the Fair was there and a very good time was had by all who attended. A really big thank you must be said to the Parks Department staff who built the bonfire and looked after it until it was safely extinguished and also cleared up the park after the festivities.

There have been reservations expressed about the amount of money spent on this event (£29,000 this year alone) but the event has brought many visitors to our area and lifted the spirits of local people. It also offers a very safe and enjoyable way to celebrate this event and if it was not held there would, I think, be many more unauthorised and maybe unsafe fires and fireworks parties in the area.

However the future of this event for next year might very well be hanging in the balance but we will keep you informed on that as we have more information.