Monday, 20 September 2010

Hello Everybody

This is a Blog for the people of Richmond Hill to find out what is going on in their area. If you have any news or events you want to promote just drop us a line and we will do our best to include them on the Blog, our email address is

Work has now started on the Raincliffe Road Recreation Ground (known locally as the 'Red Rec', though you have to be fairly old to remember when it was actually red). It is to be an informal play area with new perimeter fencing and should be a real asset to our area.

Many of you know that COVEN is heavily involved in a local campaign trying to save the Old York Road Library and we are lobbying the local MP, councillors and the Civic Trust to save and if possible restore this unique building. It would make an outstanding Community Space in an area where there is nothing like it. Take a look at the pictures - yes we know we really do have our work cut out.

COVEN is also involved with the NO2Incinerator campaign to stop the building of one and possibly two incinerators in the lower Aire Valley close to some homes in our area and you can follow that campaign at

We intend to work hard to bring the area back to what it once was, a proud working class area of family homes where good people built up a community, where their children went to school and they worked to hard and were proud to say they came from East End Park, Cross Green, Richmond Hill, Saxton Gardens or Osmondthorpe.

We have in East End Park a wonderful Victorian Park, a truly green jewel in an urban setting. Friends of East End Park are a group of local residents who are doing their best to see that the park is kept up, improved and well used by local residents. You can catch up with their plans for the coming year at their Blog This group is looking for new members, young blood to carry on the good work, if you are interested in joining them you can contact them via the Blog or drop us an email and we will pass on your details to them.